Rise, Women!

Put me in, Lord, I’m ready. Send me into the fray, I desire to go. I am a racehorse pawing at the gate, a lion on the prowl, my stomach growling for the enemy. I am a hawk on the lookout and an eagle ready to soar. I am a woman standing, ready to lead the charge into the battle, for I believe this is the time for woman.

I believe an army of women is being raised up, to stand against the enemy and fight for righteousness, goodness, purity, judgement and freedom. Now is the time for us to be released, for the gates to open and a charge of women to go sprinting into battle, our voices shaking the earth and causing the demons to cover their ears and cry for mercy. There is a shout being raised up in the bellies of women, a shout that will shake the heavens and terrify the demons. Our voices WILL be heard. The devil knows it and he is terrified.

I ask to be a woman who helps lead this charge. Put me on the front lines, Lord, place me where the enemy can see, where he can fear me, fear what is inside of me, fear the Lord coming at him through me. I ask that you speak through me, to me. I ask that you stand beside me, guide me, protect me, promote me.

This is a time for women, for us to be raised up like never before. This is a time for the feminism of women to be our strength, our purity to be our armor and our morals to be our cloaks. This is the time for women to lift up the name of the Lord, to raise our voices to shake the mountains and to crumble the plans of the enemy. This is the time for women to elevate themselves because they have a divine call on their lives, an anointing that must be set ablaze.

The devil knows we are coming, he knows we are right around the corner and he fears our attack. The devil is aware of the anointing, of the cloak that protects us, of the call that is upon us. The devil knows he is no match for a woman of the Lord, no match for the divine calling that is upon her, no match for the anger he has caused due to the boot he has attempted to place upon her back. The devil will run when he the army of the women approach. The devil will quiver when he hears our shout, feels the earth shake as we march together-for the earth will shake, the mountains will quiver and crumble.

Now is the time for women, no enemy can stop us, no demon can stand against us. We are cloaked with righteousness, goodness, purity and strength. The devil must run, we are taking back what belongs to us.

Watch out, devil, the army of women is coming for you, we are right around the corner.

Rise, women, shout, yell, scream, for now is the time, the battle is at hand. We have waited for this moment, prayed for this time, fasted for this year. We have asked to be elevated, the Lord heard. We have cried to be promoted, God has made a way. We have demanded to be put on the front lines, God moved the men. The anointing of Deborah has fallen, the call for women has been sent out.

Get ready, women, you are about to be sent in.

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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