This lion cannot be tamed by the enemy, this woman cannot be stopped by any plot against her. She will continue to rise, she will continue to speak, she will continue to fight, she will continue to be all she is destined to be, for the Lord made her for greatness.

The Lord created her for such a time as this. He divinely instilled in her the ability to do all she is supposed to do, be all she is made to be, fight the battle and win the war. She will not stop until she is called home at the end of her long successful journey.

She is determined.

She will lead, she will speak, she will guide, for she is led by the King, spoken through by the Lord, guided by the One and Only. She is not intimidated, she is not scared, she knows what is in her and who is surrounding her. She will not stop when the storms rage or when the winds howl. She will not bend when the enemy strikes or when the lightning hits. She will continue on, her eyes fixed on her King, her Love, her Life.

She will stand, she will fight, she will speak, she will rumble. She is who He made her to be. A warrior, leader, speaker, fighter, daughter, servant, follower of the good Shephard.

Watch out, here she comes.

Devil, when you hit, I will hit back harder. When you speak, I will speak louder. When you try to intimidate me, I will have the Word flow out of me until you stand down. When you try to lie to me, I will sing the truth until you cower. When you attempt to break me, I will fight until you are broken to pieces at my feet. You and I both know who will win this battle, who will be standing in the end.

I will be here, standing with my King, victorious in everything I put my hands to. My head will be held high knowing I fought the good fight, and I was triumphant.

There is nothing that can defeat me, for I know who fights for me.

There is no word that can be negatively spoken over me, for I know the Word that was written about me.

There is no enemy that is too great for me, for I know the God who created me.

I was made for such a time as this.

My armor is on, I am ready to fight. This lion cannot be tamed. 


Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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