How Abundant Are The Good Things

There are times when we feel small, inadequate, unable, vulnerable, lonely and little. When it seems like the world keeps winning and we keep losing, like bad conquers good and our prayers are unheard. There are times, sometimes often and sometimes far between, when we just don’t know if we are doing anything right, or if every single thing we are doing is wrong. There are times when we doubt our ability to hear the Lord, see Him, feel His presence or even wonder if we are worthy of standing before Him. There may even be times when we doubt God all together, doubt His very existence and wonder if He is good. Continue reading “How Abundant Are The Good Things”

Time For The Testimony

The time for the testimony is at hand.

God’s people have been waiting, praying, decreeing, declaring and, at times, begging for their breakthroughs to come to pass. Well, now is the time.

He has heard them, the cries of His people, just like He heard the cries of the Israelites when they were enslaved in Egypt. His heart breaks for them, His anger kindled because of them. Continue reading “Time For The Testimony”

You Are In Your Moment

One day, you’ll all be living in “the moment”, the moment you’ve been praying and believing for. But, it won’t be “the moment” that got you there, the place you’ve been praying and believing for, but rather “this time” and “this moment”.

Isn’t this what it’s all about?

It wasn’t David being King that we primarily talk about, it was his battle to become King and all he had to withstand in order to finally be crowned. Continue reading “You Are In Your Moment”

Desperate Times

We live in desperate times, primarily for women.

Why do I say this? There is a breaking in many women’s hearts, a burden many are carrying that they have no idea how to be rid of. So many women are in one battle after the next, fighting to simply get out of bed in the morning. Fresh tears fall nearly every day and cries to the Lord are made continuously. I’m not saying the heaviness is on women alone, men feel it as well, but not quite as often as women do today. Continue reading “Desperate Times”

I Hear The Sound

The world shouts to the skies when it becomes desperate for rain. The world waits, never knowing when the waters will come, but knowing they have to. The winds dance, the trees sway, the flowers bloom, the birds sing, the tides rise, all in reverence for their Maker, in obedience to His word. If all of the world bows to His word, so will I. If everything around me believes that the rain will fall, the sun will shine, the moon will rise, then so shall I. Continue reading “I Hear The Sound”