God Has Landed

God has landed. He has heard the cries of His people, felt the desperation in their voices and the tears streaming down their faces. He came in like a roaring lion seeking the enemy He can devour, He will devour.

Though the pain lasted through the night and though the night was long, joy is coming with the rising of the Sun. A new wave is rising, a wave of blessings, goodness, promotion and breakthrough. The dam is breaking, the logjam being undone, for God is done. He is done with Satan taking what belongs to Him. He is done with the demons wreaking havoc in His people’s lives. He is done with the darkness spreading like a disease throughout the country. He is done.

God’s light is spreading, can’t you see it? His warmth is seeping into the valleys and shining on the mountain tops, can’t you feel it? He is killing off the virus brought in from the damp and dark, He is searing the enemy and destroying the cancer Satan has attempted to spread throughout our land, throughout His land.

Devil, you are finished wreaking havoc on this country, the Lord has come. Demons, scatter, for the King has arrived in His chariot of fire and is sweeping through this nation with a sword ablaze. Christians, arise, for the Lord of the house has come back. He is angry at the way it has been kept and will do a holy cleaning, make sure you are ready. Prepare the table for the Master is coming to feast, He is hungry for the enemy.

The logjam is broken, the breakthrough at hand, the delay no more and the doors no longer sealed. It is time to arise, Christians, it is time to fight. Eat with the Master, for tomorrow we go to battle, tomorrow we rush into the war with a newfound anger, an anger only the Lord of the house can bring. He is done, no more. He has arrived, get ready.


Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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