Heed The Call

We live in a dark and dreary world, a world that is unkind and uncaring. To beat the world, we must be strong, we must be kind, we must be loving, but we also must be consistent. Consistent with our aggression towards the enemy, consistent in this fight, consistent with continually moving forward, consistent in our belief in the infallible Word and our love for the Lord. We do not have time to mourn, we must keep going. We do not have time for self-pity, we must carry on.

There will come a day when we are allowed to mourn, cry, pout, complain, but it is not this day. This is the day when we fight, war, allow our battle cries to be heard in the North, South, East and the West.

This is a day when we take up our sword and press forward.

This is a day when we tighten our battle armor and push the enemy back.

This is a day when we challenge each other to see who is going to last the longest, who is going to lead the charge, who is going to motivate the masses to take up the cross and bare it.

We do not live in the “soon”, we live in the “now”. Now is the time and this is the season.

There is a warrior inside each and every one of us, now is the time to let that warriors cry be heard. There is a leader waiting to be released in you, allow him/her to run free. Who you are now does not have to be who you will be. We need fighters, strategists, warriors, motivators, Generals.

The Lord is about to make a cry for His people to step forward, to join Him on the front lines and allow their battle cry to mix with His. He needs Lions, not lambs. The time of the lamb is not at hand, the time of the Lion has arisen.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Will you join Him on the front lines? He is waiting for someone like you. He needs someone just like you. He looks to His right and His left, analyzing who steps forward. Will you? Will you step forward when so many won’t?

To step forward means you will take some blows, hear some harsh words, see some awful things, but to step forward also means your refusal to allow the enemy to win this war, to reclaim what does not belong to him and to take back what he has stolen.

To step forward means you are willing to take the heat for the greater good, to stand tall when others cower, to move against the grain and to sometimes walk alone in the physical, but never in the spiritual.

To step forward means you will have a challenge in front of you, but a victory on the other side.

This is the time for Caleb’s, Daniel’s and Deborah’s, will you be one? Will you step forward to join the King on the front lines?

Heed the call, step forward and allow your roar to be heard throughout the land.

“And they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle: and they shall fight, because the LORD is with them, and the riders on horses shall be confounded.” -Zachariah 10:5

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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