Spiritually Aloof

Lately, I have become concerningly aware of how many spiritually aloof Christians there are.

If you call yourself a Christian and you voted for Joe Biden, you are spiritually aloof.

If you call yourself a Christian and you are not praying for this fraudulent election to be overturned, you are spiritually aloof.

If you call yourself a Christian and are not concerned about the violent, hateful, angry, deceitful direction America is going in, you are spiritually aloof.

Now, calm down, I’m not saying you aren’t saved, but I am saying you aren’t sensitive.

This may come across as aggressive, judgmental or “ungodly”, but offending people is not my concern, waking up those who are slumbering due to the cocktail of lies given to them by the enemy is my current focus.  

I recently read a statement by a very popular megachurch pastor about how important it is to vote for “true leaders”, which means we sometimes have to “vote across party lines”. This quote made my stomach turn.

I did not vote for a man, a woman, or an agenda, I voted for the platform that stands for life.

There is no “voting across party lines” when one vote vehemently stands against the Lord. Regrettably, many Christians do not agree with this analysis.

Now, I do agree with this popular pastor regarding the importance of knowing a true leader from a false one because one of the biggest causes for the lack of spiritual sensitivity which results in spiritual aloofness are our Christian leaders.  

We have allowed our pastoral leadership to become so engrained with their own agendas, their own desires and needs, that they have become spiritually ignorant. This has resulted in entire congregations becoming biblically dumb.

The religious spirit has infiltrated our ranks and made its way onto our platforms. This pious spirit often stands behind the podium in nice suits and fancy heels speaking to a needy congregation that, unfortunately, gobbles up every word that leaves their lips as if it is ordained by God Himself.

We have allowed so many Houses of God to be overtaken by the enemy because the enemy talks sweet and looks pretty.

We have allowed ourselves to become aloof spiritually, deaf supernaturally and starved of the Word as we grow fat with the world.

We have allowed our shepherds to lead us astray.

I am done with “superstar” Christian leaders believing THEY are the reason they were elevated. We have a bunch of Saul’s running around calling themselves King and denying anyone who God has ordained to be a David.

I would even go so far as to say we have Haman’s within our midst. I do believe, as “crazy” as this may sound, that the enemy has successfully elevated individuals into positions of religious influence who are Christian in name only.

Some of these pastor’s saunter across the stage in their ripped skinny jeans and ridiculously tight t-shirts, giving impassioned practiced speeches that leave people feeling good for a moment but give them nothing to leave the building with.

Do they not know we are in a time of war and that their people need meat not milk?

Are they so ignorant, so aloof, so deaf that they have missed the season we are in?

Have they become so oblivious that they are blind to the battles their people are about to walk into?  

Now is the time for the true leaders to stand up and the mistaken preachers to sit down.

If you are a religious leader within the Church and are not on your knees praying every day, fasting often and encouraging your congregations to do the same when it comes to this election, than you either need to step away or choose to wake up.

This is not about Biden or Trump, this is about corruption, this is about communism, this is about dishonesty, this is about religious freedom, this is about Israel, this is about abortion, this is about the Church, this is about America either continuing to be a light for others to run to and a voice for the voiceless or for America’s light to fade and her voice silenced.  

If I offend you by saying you are spiritually aloof for not being sensitive enough to see that we, the Remnant, are Israel needing the Red Sea to part, Daniel needing the lions mouths to close, Esther needing the scepter lifted, David needing the stone to hit the giant, Paul needing the poison to take no hold and Lazarus needing to hear the voice of the Messiah, than you need to wake up.

We HAVE to be sensitive to the times and the season we are in and we HAVE to demand that those who stand behind the pulpits are discerning to His voice, even if His voice is saying something they don’t want to hear.

We need fighters, warriors, encouragers and inspirers. Our pastoral leaders must be sensitive to the Spirit, wild to the world and tamed to Word.

We are in a battle for the very foundation of this nation. Now is not the time to submit, now is the time to fight.

If you are a pastor telling your people to be silent and accept this outcome with no questions asked, then you are, in fact, spiritually aloof.

Remnant, rise up. Now is the time to dive deeper into the Word, shut out the world and listen the voice of the Spirit alone. We cannot afford to be spiritually blind.

This is the season for our roars to be heard throughout the land, for our prayers to be lifted and our faith to arise.

God has this but we must continue to be spiritually responsive to His voice above all others, for He is the only one who can guide us to victory.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…a time of war, and a time of peace.” -Ecclesiastes 3: 1, 8

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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