This Is Why

This is why I fight, this is why I pray, this is why I will not let go until victory comes.

I work, I fight, to free the underprivileged, the hurt, the abused, the depressed, the victims.

As I sit here, looking at the pictures sent to me of Nigerian orphans, many newly orphaned due to terrorist attacks on their Christian parents, my heart breaks.

I pray for the boys and girls who have lost everything, the women whose husbands vanished while trying to keep them safe, the men whose wives were stolen from them.

I pray for my brothers and sisters in Nigeria facing a Christian genocide.

I pray for my brothers and sisters in Pakistan facing starvation.

I pray for my brothers and sisters in China facing concentration camps.

I pray for my brothers and sisters in North Korea facing extinction.

Many do not understand why I am so persistent in my pursuit of justice in regards to this election.

Many do not see why I will not let up, refuse to accept the results and will continue to press in until the rightful President takes the oath.

You may find it odd that I fast and pray for a fallible man, that I state he is God’s man and refuse to budge from the many prophecies about his certain victory.

I may never be able to convince you that Trump is God’s man, or that his Administration, although flawed, is the world’s best hope, or that a Trump victory is a Remnant victory.

I dig my heels in, I fast, I pray, I decree, and I declare not because of this man, but for all of those that are being persecuted around the world.

If America falls, their hope falls.  

The world does not need Trump for Trump’s sake, the world needs Trump for the sake of those in danger of persecution, starvation, abuse, torment, abduction.

I am not fighting for Trump, I am fighting for these boys and girls, these men and women, whose only hope is a strong America, and it just so happens that a strong America has Trump at the helm.

Join me today in praying, in giving, in helping and in standing.

Remnant do not let up, rise up, our time has come!

Today is Giving Tuesday, if you need an organization to give to today, please consider the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) which is fighting to shine a light on the genocide in the world’s most violent nation towards Christians.

(Photos credited to Lawrence Zongo with ICON)

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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