His Desire

Recently, a friend of mine lost a child. I cannot begin to imagine the pain he is walking through, the torment of his thoughts or the heartache he is feeling in this moment. The world has become so dark it is sometimes difficult to see the light, the air so thin it may seem hard to take a breath. Now, more than ever, it is so important to draw close to the Lord.

I know God never intended for my friend’s child to die so young, for him to be feeling the pain he is enduring in this moment. I know the Lord desired my friend’s child to live a long, prosperous life, because my friend’s child was first and foremost the Lord’s child, and He desires GOOD things for His children.

For anyone who is hurting right now, whose heart is broken and body bruised, whose mind is tormented with thoughts sent from the enemy: hand it over to the Lord, all of it and every bit of it.

Allow Him to take this burden from you, comfort you, heal you. God does not desire for His children to be in pain, to be broken and bruised, confused, lonely or lost. From the beginning of time, God desired for His children to live lives guarded, protected and anointed by Him and He alone.

God desires to bring healing to your heart, peace to your mind and restoration to your body.

God desires to cloak you in favor and stand in the gap for you.

God desires for you to know that you are loved beyond your ability to understand and wants victory for you far beyond your own craving for triumph.

God desires for you to recognize that His longing is to love you, heal you, give to you, comfort you, hold you, and satisfy you.

God desires for you to know that He gave everything for you so you would live a life with Him, joyful, prosperous and filled with peace beyond understanding.

God desires for you to understand that you are precious to Him and He will heal all your wounds, recover all Satan has taken and defeat any enemy that comes against you.

God desires for you to know that thoughts of you fill His mind, that when you hurt He hurts, when you cry He cries right beside you.

God desires you to see that He will get you out of this dark place and bring you to a place of victory. He will never leave you, forsake you or forget you.

God desires for you to be His and for He to be yours.

Allow Him to take your burden and restore you, for that is all He wishes.

The Lord loves you, allow His love to consume you.

unto me

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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