Stay With Me

There is only one concern I have in this life. It doesn’t scare me to walk into the unknown, surrounded by people I’ve never met or to be placed into a position I don’t fully understand. I don’t spend my time worrying about things of that nature, but there is a single thought I can’t seem to shake, one thought that consumes me beyond my ability to run away from…what if I lose “THIS”?

This, as in this closeness I have to my Father, this overwhelming and all-consuming love for Him, need to be with Him, desire to be continuously surrounded by Him. I can’t lose Him, I can’t afford to.

Lord, be with me, now more than ever. I need you to surround me continuously, talk to me constantly, fill me to the brim, shield my eyes, block my ears, guide my steps, envelop me so the world can’t touch me. I don’t want to lose what we have, not even a little of it. I can’t lose what we have, I can’t lose you. You are my breath, light, life, joy, peace, strength, boldness. You are the roar I am about to release to the world. If you aren’t in me, I have no rumble.

God, be with me now even more than ever before. As I walk into foreign territory, don’t let your presence in me lessen as the world’s presence grows physically around me. Keep this intimate relationship intimate, don’t let anything come between us. I ask for conviction, humility, kindness, strength, wisdom and boldness. I ask for elevation, I ask for a voice to speak, a mind to perceive, a heart to understand. Take me over, push me out and fill me up.

As I step out into the new, stay with me. You were with Moses at the Red Sea, you were waiting for Daniel in the den of lion’s, you walked with Esther towards the king, you marched with Israel around the walls of Jericho, you led Ruth to Boaz, you surrounded the 120 in the upper room and ignited your church on fire. So, stay by my side, closer than ever before. Don’t leave even an inch between us and don’t let me pull away. Place conviction so heavily upon me at even the thought of taking a step in the wrong direction. Don’t let me go, Lord, please don’t let me.

You are mine and I am yours, forever. Speak to me more clearly, be with me more frequently and guide me more directly. I am your servant and your daughter. You are my Savior and my Father. I belong to you, you are my God and I am your people. No strings attach me to this world, but all of me is attached to your Word.

Lead me, guide me, direct me and protect me, God. Stay with me as I step into the unknown. For, as long as you are with me, there is nothing too great for me.

psalm 16

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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