Consuming Fire

This morning, I awoke thinking, “My God is a consuming Fire” from the song Mighty Warrior. The words seemed to be on a continuous loop running through my mind without me even realizing it. While out for a walk I was telling myself, nearly subconsciously, “My God is a consuming fire”. While getting dressed, eating breakfast, and walking to work the same thing was happening.

As I sit here and write, I wonder if this line was specifically placed into my mind for the Remnant. I don’t know a single Christian today who isn’t battling something. Some of the battles are massive giants, standing tall in front of us like a mountain that just doesn’t seem capable of crumbling. Others in the Remnant are simply in one fight after the next, some big and some small, never seeming to get a break. I often think of God as my Father, a comforter and protector, but I sometimes forget that first and foremost He is GOD, the Creator of the Universe and the Master of all mankind.

He is, simply put, an overwhelming force that nothing can stand against. He is a consuming fire.

Maybe God put these words on my heart to encourage me that there is nothing that can withstand the Lord’s people because there is nothing that can withstand the Lord, and He is in the midst of His people, they are absorbed by Him.

So, for myself and anyone else who is feeling the battles rage around them, seeing the darkness attempt to creep into their schools, churches, offices, homes, remind yourself that God is a consuming fire and absolutely no enemy can withstand His heat.

You will win whatever war you are in, find victory in every battle and defeat every giant, for you are absorbed by the King of all kings and consumed by the Lord of all lords. His light will devour every darkness and His power will overcome every enemy. Find joy in the midst of the storm for your God will speak peace and in a moment things will change. Find favor in every step you take for your Lord will shine upon you like you have never seen before.

You are absorbed by His love and power therefore you WILL see your victory. God needs you, us, to be triumphant for we are His, a piece of His army and a representation of His love and sacrifice, therefore victory is absolutely at hand. God is incapable of losing, no matter how great the battle or intimidating the adversary.

Your King is in the midst of you, He is overwhelming you. Nothing can stand against you for nothing can stand against your God. Although we live in days that seem dark, the light shines the brightest in the midst of the darkest night

I believe, because of the newfound desperation and hunger within the Remnant, we are about to witness miracles like never before, see people come to Jesus like we haven’t seen in generations and watch the church go from downtrodden and confused to glorious and righteous.

Hold on to hope and hold on to the fact that your God, that lives within you, is an all-consuming force that absolutely no enemy can stand against.

“For our God is a consuming fire.” -Hebrews 12:29

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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