Righteous Unveiling

I don’t typically post words God gives me. Primarily because I desire to keep them just between God and I and anyone He specifically may mention, but also because I can sometimes go back and forth thinking, “is this me, or is this God?” which I believe is often a typical thought when receiving a declaration from the Lord.

I’m posting the below Word I received yesterday because it goes perfectly with what we are watching with the recent development of division within the Christian community. There is a shifting taking place, but a necessary one. It is time for the Remnant to be divided from the masses.

We are living in interesting times. I’m so thankful we serve the one and only King!

A righteous unveiling has begun to take place within the church. Those who truly love me and desire to serve me will move to one side, those who say they love me and say they desire to serve me to the other. Do not fear this unveiling, for it must occur. It must come to pass. I am sifting the wheat, removing the false.

Something has been stirring beneath the surface for quite some time. You feel it, that burning  deep in your chest, that anger that rises up in you when you think of those who proclaim to live for me yet whose lives look nothing like me. That is me, I am doing the stirring.

I am moving in a new way, speaking at a new volume. For, I too am angry. I have watched for too long, watched my people be lied to and lied about, watched the enemy sneak his way into my camps and poison the drinking water with his lies and false truths.

I have watched and I have waited, for there have been some who would not drink the water, who endured the temptation of the thirst yet walked away. Those are my people, those are my servants and those are my warriors.

Those who have walked away from the temptation of the sin and sickness that has so broadly spread amongst my children, those are the ones I am beginning to call forth. One by one, I am calling them by name.

They shall come, one at a time, some timidly walking towards me and others boldly sprinting in the direction of my voice. For I am calling, and I am seeking, and I have found.

I am the good shepherd and I have my flock of sheep. They listen to my voice, they follow after me, they run to me like so many won’t, and they desire to be with me.

I think it is hard for people to realize how much I enjoy my people simply wanting to be with me, to spend time in my presence, to look at me with loving kindness. I am a Father after all, I desire for my children to desire me, to want to sit at my feet while I fill them with good tidings. Those who desire shall be filled.

Now, as the year draws to a close and a new decade is at hand, I say, watch, wait and listen for my call, it shall spread throughout the country like a wildfire.

Many will run from it, afraid of the fierceness of my blaze, of the killing off I will do of sin and sickness, temptation and lies. But many will, instead, stand and allow my sweet presence to take them to a place they have never been before, to a position of power and authority like they have never experienced. Those who remain standing shall be in my company, my men and woman of arms that I shall use to do great and mighty things.

Watch, wait, and listen for my call, you shall hear it soon.

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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