My Everything

I find so much completeness is found in the Lord. So much peace, joy, goodness is in Him.

What else could we possibly need when we have Him?

What else could we ask for when we know we belong to Him?

When we give ourselves away completely is when we find ourselves and all we are capable of.

When we turn to Him and turn away from the world is when we learn all we need to know; no more confusion, no more turmoil, no more pain.

The Lord takes all the enemy longs to wrap us in and breaks the power of the lies, of the captivity the world wants us to be lost in.

I am so in love with the Lord, I am obsessed with Him, I am engrossed in His presence.

What else could this woman want? What else could she possibly need when she knows she has Him and He has her?

For, my God is more than just a god

My God is my Father

My God is my Savior

My God is my Deliverer

My God is my Defender

My God is my Healer

My God is the water that cleanses me

My God is the food that nourishes me

My God is the air that fills me

My God is the blanket that warms me

My God is the breeze that cools me

My God is fire that consumes me

My God is cloud that leads me

My God is for me

My God is around me

My God is within me

My God blesses me

My God prospers me

My God anoints me

My God appoints me

My God raises me

My God defends me

My God protects me

My God strengthens me

When the world comes to knock me down, my God gives me the strength to shove the world back to keep it away from me

When the enemy tries to harm me, my God is the shield that protects me, the sword that defends me and the armor that adorns me

When the tides rise up to take me, my God is the staff that parts the waters for me

When the storms come to sweep me away, my God is the firm foundation that stabilizes me

When the armies fight against me, my God is the overcoming warrior that rises up within me

I could never properly describe all my God is for my God is indescribable to me

My God is my all in all, my one and only, my King above every king, my Lord above every lord, my light, my song, my breath, my strength, my salvation

To put it simply, my God is my everything

“In Your presence is fullness of joy” –Psalm 16:11

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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