God Took Me

God took me and covered me with his feathers, encapsulated me under his wings. He protected me as the winds rushed by, the rain poured down, the thunder shook the ground and the lightening lit the skies. He guarded me until the clouds started to part and the sun began to arise.

He told me it was time to come out, to stretch my legs and strengthen my spirit. He took my hand and pulled me up as the sun peaked over the mountain and poured rays of light upon us both. He smiled at me, encoring me to come out of my hiding place and trust His guiding steps, listen to His calming voice.

At first, I was resistant when I looked back at the place I had been hiding in, away from the world and the chaos that seems to consume it, but then I looked into His eyes. I saw hope in that stare, fearlessness, joy, peace, love. Those eyes locked on mine and without saying anything it was as if He said everything I needed to hear in order to take His hand and step forward.

I took one cautious step then the next, not going fast or far. There were times when I wanted to look back, when I wanted to run to where I thought I would be safe, but I knew once I took my eyes away from His I would crumble. So, I kept walking and as I walked the sun kept rising, the clouds kept parting and the rain eventually stopped.

He still holds my hand, still says everything while saying nothing, but I no longer want to go back. I no longer desire to stay hidden or protected because I know my Shepherd is always with me.

I know the one who held me during the storm of the night will now walk with me in the light of the day.

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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