Who My God Is

I do not fear what is ahead of me, no matter what it is, for I know who my God is.

My God is the God of miracles, breakthroughs and overflow

My God heals the sick and cleanses the lepers

My God speaks to the wind and the waves and commands them to be still

My God pulls the mountains out of the earth and digs the oceans into the deep

My God closes the mouths of lions

My God parts the waters

My God raises the dead

My God lifts the scepter

My God answers prayers

My God supplies all my needs

My God makes all things possible

My God gave me power, love and a sound mind

My God stays with me in the night and walks with me in the day

My God makes a way in the wilderness

My God brings rivers to the desert

My God is everything He promises He is

My God never lies

My God is a warrior for the wounded and a fighter for the frail

My God walks with me through fire and leads me to the other side

My God holds Himself accountable to the Word and holds me accountable to the same

My God is a good Father and kind King

My God is ever-present and never-ending

My God is indescribable and unparalleled

My God befriends the friendless and accepts the unaccepted

My God loves the loveless and forgives the unforgivable

My God gave me authority over the enemy

My God is a chain breaker and devil defeater

My God allowed His Only Son to be a sacrifice for a sinful and undeserving world

My God gave Himself for me

My God loves me beyond my ability to understand or comprehend

So, no, I do not fear what is ahead of me or what is around me because I know who my God is, and My God is for me.

I Am With You 2

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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