Wild To The World

We are meant to be wild to the world, untamed and untouched by its greedy fingers.

We are meant to run free, with only the wind as our companion: no saddle, no stirrups, no whip.

We are meant to find joy in the independence of our run, the solitude of our time with the Sun, stars, trees and breeze.

There should be nothing in the world keeping us captive, tempting us to walk into submission to anything other than our Creator.

But, when it comes to God, we are to be willing servants to the gospel, joyful slaves to His testimony.

When it comes to the Lord, we are to be graciously obedient and blissfully compliant.

Although we are untamed to the world, we are to be tamed by the Word, living and breathing every truth that flows out of our God’s mouth until it becomes part of our very being.

There should be nothing holding us captive to this world. Our loyalty to the Lord should be unbroken, like a Mustang running with no restraints in a field without fences, borders or walls. Like a rushing river that quickens its pace as it flows downhill, our love for Him should accelerate with each passing day, minute, second.

So, although we are to be resistant to this place and everything in it, we are to be obedient to our God the Father, Lord and Savior. For, only He can set us free from the restrictions promised to us if we become tamed by the creation more than the Creator.

We are all let loose, allowed to run freely in a field with no boundaries, the moment we submit to God and become wild to the world.

black stallion by the seaside in the wild

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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