Hold On

Hold on, all those who are weary, heavy laden and heartbroken. Hold on, for your Savior is coming. He hears you, He sees you, He desires to heal you.

There is no enemy that can defeat you if you simply hold on to hope, hold on to peace, hold on to the knowledge that you are going to get through this. For, whatever it is you are going through is no match for your King, whatever darkness is surrounding you is not greater than the light within you. There is nothing that can take you out if you simply refuse to be taken down.

Know that greater the battle means greater the victory, the bigger the storm the bigger the blessing.

Do not be angry for what you are going through, for what you are going through is going to take you to a new level.

Do not be distraught at the enemy that seems to never leave you but rejoice in the Savior that just won’t stop coming after you. He will never stop defending you, He will never stop protecting you, and He will never stop fighting for you.

You have never been alone, and you will never be alone.

Whatever it is you’re going through today, this hour, this season, this year, know that you are going to get to the other side and you are going to be stronger because of this fight, greater because of the attack, braver because of the enemy you are about to defeat.

Rejoice! For your victory is right around the corner, smile because it is inevitable. This time of difficulty is not meant to defeat you, but promote you: you are about to be elevated.

So, although you may feel wounded and defeated, lonely and heartbroken, tired and beat up, do not give in to your feelings but instead fall into your destiny and allow God to lead you towards your victory.

Stand up, tighten your armor and release your roar, your testimony is at hand!

Isaiah 41 13

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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