Powerful Play

Have you ever felt like a pawn on a chess board, an insignificant participant in some sort of game? You want to be a major player, to have a monumental role, title, part, to be an important character in this grand game, yet you feel as miniscule and unable to make an impact as just a regular little pawn on a giant board.

While praying for the Remnant the other day I saw a chess board. There were kings, queens, knights, rooks, bishops, the players we all see when we think of a winning game, but there were also many, many pawns. The Lord said to me,

I am strategically placing my pawns in positions of power

I knew in that moment that there was going to be a time when all the pawns moved together to take control of the board that seems lost, to turn the tide on the enemy and, together, make a dominating play.

You see, we are the pawns, you, me, our fellow brothers and sisters, the Remnant. We may wonder if we are making an impact, have any type of say in the way this world is going.

You may feel as if all you do is pray and wonder if your prayers are heard, if they are moving anything.

You may feel minor, as if every time you take one step forward, something comes along to force you back two.

It may seem as if the job you are in, the title you have, the part you are playing, is irrelevant and unimpactful.

You may even feel like a pawn standing next to a king and queen wondering how you could possibly have as much authority as they do.

Well, I’m here to tell you today that there will come a day when God commands you to move in a mighty way and you will hardly believe the impact you have.

A pawn can be very powerful when placed in the right position.

Do you know who the “pawns” were in the bible?

Mordecai was a pawn, the uncle who directed Esther on how to save the entire Jewish race.

Naomi was a pawn, the broken-hearted, husbandless, childless, jobless, homeless woman who single-handedly guaranteed the continuation of the line to the Messiah by guiding Ruth to Boaz.

David would have been considered a pawn, the forgotten son, left out in the fields to tend the sheep while all his brothers were paraded before Samuel, but later the man who eventually became Israel’s greatest king.

Peter would have been a pawn, the fisherman who had never done anything other than catch fish his whole life yet would one day walk on water.

Joseph would have been viewed as a pawn, thrown in a ditch and sold into slavery by his own brothers, then flung into prison on fraudulent allegations but, when moved by God in His perfect timing, became the second most influential man in the world and responsible for saving millions from starvation.

So, being a pawn doesn’t really seem so bad now, especially knowing that we are not alone. There are many, many of the Remnant being divinely placed in strategic positions on this giant chess board.

God is about to make a move, a mighty move that only He can make. We are about to see a shifting of the tide, a change in pace, a breath back into the Body.

Stand strong, don’t give into the doubts that bombard your mind, or become intimidated by the way things look in the physical. God is moving and is about to use you, elevate you, promote you. He needs His children to be patient, to believe in His perfect timing and trust His guiding voice. God is aligning His people.

Together, we are about to seize control of the board, the battle, because our Father, the great Master, is about to step in to make a move, and what a powerful play it will be!

Ecc 3 1

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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