To Christians,

To those who stand when others bow, refuse to listen to the shouts of man over the still small voice of God.

To those who reject the lies poured out by those in power and instead cling to the truth of the written Word.

To the Remnant, the few and far between who speak out when others are silent, who call sin sin and stand on the truth of the scriptures.

To those who are willing to take the beating they know will come if they position themselves beside Jesus.

To those who step out, knowing full well that stepping forward means you are placing a scarlet letter on your chest, willingly making yourself a target to the masses.

To those who are tired of the lies, of the acceptance of evil, of the wrong that we see flooding into our societies like a tidal wave crashing in and sweeping away everything good and pure.

To the people who are reading these words right now and thinking, “this is me, she’s writing to me”, I have one thing to say to you, one thing to beg of you…


When the world hits you, stand.

When people mock you, stand.

When the lies encircle you, stand.

When the masses hate you, stand.

When the lies flow over you, stand.

When the adversary whispers to you, stand.

When you feel as if you have done everything you can possibly do and have nowhere else to turn, stand.

Do you know that I am counting on you? No, you don’t know me, and we will probably never meet, but I, as one of the Remnant, need you to stand. We are each a piece of the body, one person in this army, but each of us has a part to play, a destiny to obtain. I need you and you need me.

I will stand, for you and for those that are a part of the body of believers, fighting the same darkness and pushing against the same masses.

I won’t back down when the enemy comes, and I know he’s coming. I won’t break when the winds beat against my body, and I know the wind is on its way. I won’t bend when all others around me bow, primarily because of my love for Jesus, but also because of my empathy for you, for what you are going through and what the devil has stolen from you, what he is attempting to steal from you, maybe this very moment.

I need you and you need me. I need you to be the light in the midst of this darkness, and I will do the same.

I need you to speak words of truth, goodness, purity, honesty, and I will do the same.

I need you to press forward when the masses push you back, and I will do the same.

I need you to stand when they lie about you, lie about our God, lie about the Word, lie about everything you know to be true, and I will do the same.

Because, if you don’t, who will? If I can’t count on you, as my brother or sister in Christ, then who can I count on? And, if you can’t count on me, as a woman desperately seeking after the Lord, then who can you count on?

We are in this together, you and I. You are not standing alone, you are not the only one seeing the world turn upside down, watching as good becomes bad and bad becomes good, I see it, too. You are not the only one hurting, whose heart breaks as innocence and purity gets ripped out of our society day by day. There are many of us who feel exactly what you are feeling and see exactly what you are seeing.

So, for my sake and the sake of others just like you and me, keep praying, keep believing, and please, please, please, keep standing.

“So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” -Romans 12:5 (NIV)

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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