Choose Jesus

My heart cries out, not in pain, but in reverence to my Savior, the one who overcame so I might overcome. He handed over His deity for mortality, His crown for thorns, His royal garments for swaddling clothes and His palace for a manger. He handed over everything He had known since the beginning of time in order to come to a world He did not know to live a life He could not fully understand to sacrifice Himself for people who would not want Him.

Over 2,000 years ago, my Jesus walked willingly into this world, although He knew to walk meant to die. He came here, for me and for you, even with the complete understanding that one day He would be betrayed, beat, whipped, nailed and hung upon a cross before those He once considered friends, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

I wonder what that conversation was like, when God asked His only Son, the one who He loved above all others, to give His life for those who did not deserve it. Who made the greater sacrifice? The Father who asked or the Son who agreed?

For, God had to watch from heaven as His boy became closer and closer to death, something even God Himself had never experienced. Our Father watched, without interfering, as His only begotten carried the burden of our sins upon His back then became nailed to it, attached to it as if He was the one doing the sinning. God had to wait and wait and wait as His child walked through hell in order to make a way for His children to never have to. If a day is a thousand years to God, what must those three days of waiting have been like, waiting for His Son to make it through the fire He was never meant to go through, tread through the flames He Himself had asked Him to go into?

Yet, Jesus agreed, knowing full well what He was agreeing to. He gave up heaven for hell, salvation for sacrifice and angels for demons. He gave it all in order to give you a choice: life or death.

Today is a day we remember the sacrifice and all that the sacrifice means. Jesus’ death and resurrection means life, healing, joy, success, freedom! Jesus’ sacrifice means we have a right to say NO. No to sin, no to temptation, no to depression, no to sickness, no to disease, no to suicidal ideation, no to financial difficulties, no to death. Jesus’ successful sacrifice means YES to eternal life with our Father and our Brother! We are no longer under the curse of the law because Jesus broke the curse, broke the power that satan had and gave us dominion over every enemy that would come against us.

So, today, remember the sacrifice and remember the salvation that came with it, the authority that was taken away from the devil and handed over to you. Jesus came to give you life in eternity with Him, but He also came to give you dominion over the life you have here on earth.

Our Father sacrificed what He loved most, and our Brother sacrificed all He had in order for you and me to have a choice to live a life of freedom and eternity. Don’t allow their sacrifice to go to waste.

Choose the One who first chose you, choose Jesus.

John 3 17


Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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