So many of us have been praying, constantly and continually, for breakthrough, overflow, healing, finances, promotion, etc, etc, etc. We have been going before the Lord and begging Him to be seen, to be shown in a major way in our lives, to fight the battle we all know is at hand.

This morning while praying, I was going through what I always go through. “Lord, I pray over my family, Country, President, the Remnant,” but when I got to the part of praying for myself and the things I am persistently asking God for, I felt a “halt” in my spirit, something that said, “Stop praying and start receiving”.

I don’t know why I feel this and I don’t know when I will see it happen, but I believe God has maneuvered His people into a place of complete dependence on Him, therefore He can now do what He desires to do in our lives.

We all see it, the darkness that has crept into our country, politics, churches, the division that is no longer secret. We all feel it, the hatred and anger culminating in the physical realm like gas filling a room, waiting for the match to strike.

Those of us who have turned to the Word instead of the world know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something is about to happen, something we have never seen or experienced. Because of this, we have prayed, fasted, read, sang, bound, rebuked, everything we could think of to take dominion and authority.

Some of us may be exhausted from the fight we didn’t know we were already in, tired from the relentless prayers and battle to stay positive in a world that is so negative. Many of us have been on the brink of giving up more times than we can count, but here we are, still standing.

So, if you have been battling, fighting, fasting, binding, rebuking and worshiping, get ready, because now is the time of receiving. God has heard every one of your prayers, not a single word has left your lips and escaped His ears. God has been putting you in a position of power even though you didn’t even realize you were being moved. He has been removing things from your life in order to make room for the overflow.

Now is your season of receiving.

No longer will you be battling day after day, night after night, seeing no victory. No longer will you be in your prayer closet begging God to move. No longer will you be fasting, not knowing what exactly you are fasting for. No longer will you be crying out to God, wondering if He hears your cries.

God has moved, He has heard, and He is about to deliver.

The words from the song My Deliverer are ringing in my ears. “My Deliverer is coming; my Deliverer is standing by”. He is coming, in a mighty and powerful way, our Lord is coming.

Get ready to receive, get ready to rejoice, get ready to dance and worship for your time is at hand, your breakthrough busting through that wall you doubted would ever fall. Your God has not forgotten you, you have been on His mind this whole time.

Now is the time and now is the season for receiving. Rejoice, your Deliverer is coming!

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” -1 John 4:4

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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