He Alone

I love you, Lord, that much I know so clearly. I love you with a love that overflows and is drenched in desire to please you, to live for you and you alone. I love you from the very deepest depth of my heart.

You and you alone make me sing with joy, every day I shall raise this voice to sing unto you.

You are the very beat of my heart, I cease to exist without you. Me without the Lord is simply the shell of a woman, but nothing within the woman. Me without the Lord is weak, vulnerable, scared and unable. There is no me without the Lord for the Lord is what makes me, me.

I am the Lords, and His alone.

He alone shall direct my path.

He alone shall point and I walk.

He alone shall raise His hand and I stop.

He and He alone is the voice I listen to, my ears prick at the sound of His all powerful voice.

He has never failed me, nor will He ever do such a thing, for to follow after the Lord is to live a life of victory.

I love the Lord with every bit of my being. Oh, how my heart longs for Him, to be in His presence and to walk by His side. To speak with Him and allow Him to guide me in every step I take.

The Lord has made me to be great and mighty, powerful and strong.

He has made me to be delicate and sweet, beautiful and lovely.

The Lord has made me to be smart and quick, intelligent and knowing.

The Lord has made me to be a leader amongst woman, so a leader I shall be.

I shall step into the path the Lord makes for me and walk upon the road He has paved.

I am His and He is mine, forever and always.

“I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.”

-Psalm 104: 33

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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