Our Promised Land Moment

I believe we are stepping into a new season with the Lord. Things we used to get away with will no longer be acceptable. Flippant words we speak without thinking will not be tolerated and saying you follow the Lord will no longer mean you actually know who He is and what He stands for.

I think we have been in a “safe zone” with God.  By this I mean He tolerated so much simply because we, His children, didn’t know better. He tolerated our laziness, our unwillingness to submit to His authority. He tolerated our acceptance of “being a Christian” one day a week, of walking with Him a few hours a month and turning from Him far more than turning towards. He allowed us to make mistakes because we were in an innocent dwelling with Him, a place of learning and growing and finding Him in a world that has abandoned Him.

But, I no longer believe we are in the safe zone anymore. Like the Israelites at the outskirts of their land of milk and honey, we have approached new territory and now is the deciding moment where we either walk into the promised land or continue to wander.

God gave the Israelites time, and space, to leave their old ways behind, their idolatrous rituals and false idol worship. He showed them He was their God and they were His people daily by giving them mana to eat, fire to keep them warm and a cloud to guide their every step. He blanketed them and nurtured them in order to prepare them for the difficulties ahead. He tried, day and night, to prove Himself to them, to show them He was all they would ever need. They didn’t have to hunt, to search for water, to make clothing, to fight sickness or disease of any kind, to worry about any enemy, they were totally and completely covered and protected by the Lord at all times.

But, there came a day when they had to stand on His promises and refuse to budge. When that day came, they didn’t stand, they didn’t refuse to budge. They allowed themselves to fear man more than God and listen to the guidance of the masses rather than the guidance of the Lord. Due to this, they wandered for an additional forty years. They toiled and strived for four decades and those who didn’t stand with Him eventually perished without ever seeing their purpose come to pass.

We are at the entrance of our “promised land” moment. We have been coddled, protected, covered and nurtured, but now is the moment where we decide to stand on the Word of God and defend it with everything we have, or fall from His grace and wander until we too become lost in the wilderness.

Will we stand on the declarations given to us in the Word? Will we defend those decrees even when we are pushed, bombarded and bullied?  For we are being pushed, we are being bombarded and we are being bullied.

I refuse to be bullied into believing I need a mask to protect myself, I refuse to be pushed into constantly wearing gloves in order to “stay healthy” and I refuse to be bombarded by the mass hysteria believing that somehow remaining hidden and away from the House of God will keep me safe.

I will stand on the promises of my Father and walk confidently into my promised land. I will not turn from Him regardless of the masses turning towards science, politicians and professionals.

2020 is the Hebrew year 5780, The Year of the Mouth. I know who I am because I know who my God is and I will fearlessly use my mouth to proclaim His authority over my life.

He was been with me while I walked through the desert and now it is my turn to be with Him as I walk into the unknown.

Though the giants may be big and the terrain vast and rough, I know my God will get me through.

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” -Acts 4:29

Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

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