My Jesus

My Jesus is there for me when I walk in blindness.

My Jesus stands by me when I’m surrounded by nothing.

My Jesus speaks life over me when all I hear is silence.

My Jesus will make a way for me when I lose my way.

My Jesus sets a table before me when I go hungry.

My Jesus rakes a path for me when all I see are the leaves.

My Jesus is so filled with love for me all I feel is the overflow.

My Jesus is there for me always and forever, from this moment into eternity my Jesus will continuously be with me.

My Jesus has saved me more times than I know and will deliver me more times than I can fathom, there is no limit to how many times He will rescue me.

My Jesus gave his life for me, He suffered the cross for me, He took the lashes for me and wore the crown of thorns because of me.

The only way for me to live was for Him to die, so He willingly died.

The only way for me to succeed was for him to fail, so He willingly failed.

The only way for me to have authority was for Him to lose, so He willingly lost.

But, on that third glorious day, He took back all He lost because of me and stood victorious in order to give me victory.

On that third day, My Jesus proclaimed me worthy and adopted me into royalty.

On that third day, My Jesus defeated the enemy and gave me power to defeat anything that comes against me.

So, I will spend my life living for my Jesus because He did more for me on that third day than I could do for Him in a lifetime.


Author: Lydia Barbara

I am a woman standing on the Word, believing in its infallibility and knowing I am all that God says I am.

2 thoughts on “My Jesus”

  1. Love your daily posts as they encapsulate what I already know into a single powerfully gentle focus for that day. So helpful to me & others I disciple. A great tool I;m recommending to others.

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