Women Under Attack

As a former NCAA DI FEMALE College athlete, I am angered, disgusted and extremely disheartened at what occurred yesterday with former Kentucky swimmer and female activist Riley Gaines. Riley was attacked and assaulted by a man in a dress following her “Save Women’s Sports” speech, then bombarded by a mob screaming “trans women are women”. Police rushed Riley into a room, where she waited for hours while the angry mob discussed how much she would have to pay to be released.

The world has normalized mental health disorders to such an extent that the people in that mob truly believed Riley was an enemy that deserved to be destroyed.

So many thoughts rush through my mind when I think of Riley. I remember when I was battling for a college scholarship, playing against some of the greatest female athletes in the country. I remember how hard it was to stand out in a crowd of amazing women competitors, hoping, praying, college scouts would stop by our court to watch me play. But, I also remember watching the men compete and knowing there was no way any of our female teams, no matter how incredible, tall, strong, or tough we were, would be able to successfully challenge them. They were taller and stronger, they jumped higher, hit harder, and moved so much faster I remember telling a teammate “it doesn’t even look they are playing the same sport as the women”.  

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My Heart Is Broken

I am very particular of the people I listen to, the books I read and where I send my tithe. I believe this stems from growing up and being very involved in a church as a child, a church my parents (through discernment) fortunately made the decision to leave prior to learning the pastor was living a lie. This lie ultimately hurt thousands and caused many to turn from the Lord.

That experience as a young girl taught me to be very discerning when it comes to those who preach the gospel. The majority of pastors I listen to, or read books they author, have long since gone home to Heaven and I wouldn’t even need a full hand to count the number of today’s pastors I would say I “follow”.

Yesterday, my sister forwarded me an email from the church I have called home for over a decade. This church has pushed my faith deeper, has forced me into the Word to find answers and to rely on the Lord for everything. The Pastor’s wisdom and insight has, over the many years of listening to him, inspired me to know the Lord more intimately and to stand on the Word regardless of what I see or feel. Although I no longer live in the state where this church resides, I still tithe there and listen to the services as often as I can. Whenever I travel back to the state, I make sure to book a returning ticket late enough to assure my attendance on Sunday morning service.

So, when I opened my messages and saw the below email, to say I was shocked, disheartened, confused or troubled, would be an understatement…I was, and still am, totally and completely heartbroken.

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