God Has Landed

God has landed. He has heard the cries of His people, felt the desperation in their voices and the tears streaming down their faces. He came in like a roaring lion seeking the enemy He can devour, He will devour.

Though the pain lasted through the night and though the night was long, joy is coming with the rising of the Sun. A new wave is rising, a wave of blessings, goodness, promotion and breakthrough. The dam is breaking, the logjam being undone, for God is done. He is done with Satan taking what belongs to Him. He is done with the demons wreaking havoc in His people’s lives. He is done with the darkness spreading like a disease throughout the country. He is done. Continue reading “God Has Landed”

Rise, Women!

Put me in, Lord, I’m ready. Send me into the fray, I desire to go. I am a racehorse pawing at the gate, a lion on the prowl, my stomach growling for the enemy. I am a hawk on the lookout and an eagle ready to soar. I am a woman standing, ready to lead the charge into the battle, for I believe this is the time for woman.

I believe an army of women is being raised up, to stand against the enemy and fight for righteousness, goodness, purity, judgement and freedom. Now is the time for us to be released, for the gates to open and a charge of women to go sprinting into battle, our voices shaking the earth and causing the demons to cover their ears and cry for mercy. Continue reading “Rise, Women!”